Coastal and Offshore
Science and Engineering


Anno II – 3 /2023


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Coastal storm damage index
in the Province of Naples, Italy

A. Florio, D. Di Luccio, G. Mattei and G. Benassai

Beach area evolution of an artificial gravel pocket beach using video monitoring systems

Damjan Bujak, Hanna Miličević, Dalibor Carević, Suzana Ilic

Temporal and spatial occurence of jellyfish species along the coastal area of the United Arab Emirates

Amrutha Aravind, Aaron Henderson, and Waleed Hamza

Diagnostic DO Transport Model for Narrow, Tidally Dominated Estuary

J.L DiLorenzo, H.S. Litwack, G. R. Marino, P-S. Huang and T. O. Najarian

Recovery of Eroded Beach Seaward of Closed Katrina Cut in Dauphin Island, Alabama

Tingting Zhu and Nobuhisa Kobayashi

Efficiency Analysis of Absorbing Type Vertical
Breakwater under Long Waves

A. Francone, A. Lauria, and G. R. Tomasicchio